case study:


Edushepe is an Israeli company with a worldwide reputation for toys development.  

Their best-selling and most recognizable product is a carpet made of polymer cold  EVA, which forms a jigsaw puzzle and forms a floor surface and learning for babies.


The company approached me with the intention of expanding its game products to babies aged 6 months and up.

It was important for them to create a product from the material identified with them.

It was important that the product be the product of learning and development of the baby.

I chose for this project designer Nadav Goldenberg.

After design research we chose the classic product, cubes tower as the basis for development.

1. The light & soft raw material is very suitable for the age of the user.

2. The material surprisingly its quiet.

3. It can be designed with special textures.


In the design process, we tried to find more functions for the game itself, which until now has been stacking the cubes into the tower, inserting a cube into the cube and arranging the dice freely on the floor.


In order to invent a new function we opened one of the sides of the cube, it was allowing us to match and play endless possibilities with the parts and actually create a new opportunity experiment for the classic product.