Each phase is complimentary, unique and tailor made to your needs and business atmosphere.  

Starting with a comprehensive workshop to generate innovative environment and concepts, all the way through Concept Evolution resulting a 3D modeling products to the exciting newborn product.

New Product is Born! 


Coaching and walk-through all the way from concept to 3D modeling and kick-off to tooling manufacturing.


In this phase, we will complete our mission!

We will coach main key players and creatives involved in product creation through an intensive 4 days of a focused workshop in order to bring to life winning concepts.


Main milestone :

3D printing in a 1:1 scale modeling whenever it's applicable.

User interphase and user feedbacks for a better experience testing.

Sales & Marketing presentation and preparation for tooling








Tooling stage product 

Basic Needs: Innovation Lab

Generating Ideas through a comprehensive brainstorming and creative workshops.

Intense thinking and innovative guidance for best practices.


A comprehensive market research including:

-Current situation and competitors analysis

-New and trending in the relevant sector.

-Open opportunities.



In-house brainstorming with all creative teams, engineering, technology, sales, and marketing.

Generating ideas and new opportunities.


2 Days Workshop

Coaching, guiding and managing intense days with creatives where we remove all financial and technical barriers/obstacles





An inspirational bulletin board with ideas, trends, pictures, materials etc.


Presentation and workflow for next steps. 

Concept Evolution


We let all concepts soak-in and moving to a more ‘hands-on’ phase working on visuals and validation of our concept.


In this phase, we will evaluate through a guided workflow each of the concepts we feel strongly about.


Working simultaneously on:

first raw 3D modeling,

Pros&Cons for each concept,

strengths and weaknesses,

opportunities and continues












A festive presentation for decision makers