Life Support System


Design of diving suits for Israelis naval commandos.

The military diving suit, which was adapted to the naval commandos during the 1970s, was borrowed from the IDF armored personnel carriers

It is a large overall made of Nomex ©fibers

The size of the overalls and the raw material, from which it was created, created great resistance to the progress of the swimmer while diving.

adjusting that of the water, the overalls attached a large number of fluids that made it difficult to function on the land.


What was required?

Adapting the suit to the laws of the Geneva Convention.

Adjust the overalls for use in water and underwater motion and function.

Adjusting  the overalls to get out of the water so that it does not impede the combats movement.


The design and the result:


Only in the collar, part of the sleeve and some of the pants were made of Nomex military cloth.

The rest of the overalls of the overalls were designed from a resilient stand made of a reinforced Lycra compound.

Elements in the field of human engineering were incorporated: soft knees for elbows and elbows, couplings for pockets for different purposes on the trouser leg.

A comprehensive strap for lifting the warrior by helicopter from the water.

The result:  the basic weight loss of the overalls in many percentages, there is no resistance in the water movement. The weight of the overalls in the water exit is only one pound from its dry state and the loss of water is immediate.