Case Study: 

'Follow me Fred'


'Follow me Fred' is one of Tiny Love's success stories that starts with the right characterization, choosing creative designers and developing a line with a stubborn and talented salesman.

Characterization was a floor toy for age 6 months. My addition as Head of Design team was to create a toy that encourages crawling. 

Daniel from Kuntz Design immediately came up with an idea, to create a baby friend toy that makes him excited and very considerate of his needs. The figure that inspired him was the American Dachshund.

1.  A dog is a good friend.

2.  A dog with Garmuschka also knows how to walk around the baby.

3.  A dog with wheels that will also move around and create a tremendous stimulation for the baby.

4.  Add sounds and activities and he actually communicates with the baby.


So far the idea is very reminiscent of other products on the market, not as cute as ours but similar.

The salesman Mr. Adi Shina was given the necessary information to present the toy and then asked me, "What happens if the dog moves away from the baby? This can cause no frustration"

Okay, I said, "If this is the case, there is a hidden mechanism that causes the dog to move only about 30 centimeters away from the baby and then it stops." Adi continued to harass him and asked, "Okay, but what will cause the baby to chase him?" Then I said: After a few seconds the dog will not feel any contact. Will start to bark, "and when the baby hits him, his movement will be activated again after a few seconds. And so on.

With that I can start selling, a great idea Adi said and closed that evening a huge amount of product orders both to the European market and especially to the US market a product that was still a prototype.