Toys & Games

Connect to a child’s point of view, develop a curiosity to discover the world, explore motor activities and certainly to distinguish and learn cognitive development in early years, listen to parents who together with their child explore the possibility to return to that stage in their own lives.

We take all that and invent toys and games that support and promote development. We call it love.

Life Support System


The ability to analyze human behavior in a hostile environment under extreme conditions together with the expertise in human engineering and characterization of life support needs enables us to create a unique structure for products that meet both the needs and support the existence of users.

We managed to result through experience, investigation, and careful listening without filtering information from a personal point of view.

Seed Making


Imagination, listening, creativity.

Creating freedom & courage. Never fear of the unknown, surrender to it. Develop the next big thing in order to make a difference in the world.  Design from an authentic commitment to ensure products meets customers needs and desires.

Let's dream together.